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Sales conditions

Sales conditions

1. Shipments. The customer pays for the cost of delivery: a) when the net price is less than 120,00 € in deliveries within Coruña city. b) when the net price is less than 140,00 € in deliveries to the rest of Galicia an c) when the net price is less than 160,00 € in deliveries to the rest of Spain.

2. Confirmed sales: All sales are considered as confirmed, except deposits and the new publication service.

3. Returns: There are no returns on confirmed sales. In exceptional cases, in the case of books purchased in the past two years, Torre Libros will study the possibility of a refund and a goods exchange. This always requires the autorisation of the regional sales representative.

4. New Publications: New books sent can always be returned as long as this is done within a year of the date on the delivery note.

5. Textbooks:

5.1 Payment: For clients with credit, invoices on orders delivered before the 15th August will be due on the 15thSeptember. From this date onwards, all invoices will become fue 30 days from their date of issue.

5.2 Returns: 12% of the goods invoiced between the 15th June an the 15th October can be returned. Cash-onlt clients can exchange these materials for books from the publisers general book lists. All returns must be sent postage paid in well packaged and clearly marked boxes containing a list of the books being returned and the number of boxes in the shipment. The last admissible date for returns is the 15th October. We would be grateful to all those clients who can bring forward the date of their returns as far as posible, in order to avoid last minute difficulties.

5.3 Book admission. We can only refund payment on those textbooks that were ordered during the campaign as long as they are in perfect condition for their resale and don't represent more than 12% of the total invoiced by the client. We cannot accept returns on books that are damaged (or with prices, stickers or marked in any way)

6. Claims. Any claim must be made within 10 days of the receipt of goods. Any claim on refunds must be made within 6 months of the date on the invoice.